The Electro Deluxe Humbler

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    The Electro Deluxe Humbler

    Item Number: DB300

    Recommended Retail: $192.00
    Manufacturer Sku #: DB300
    Shipping Weight: 1.24 pounds
    Brand: Kink Industries
    Manufacturer Name: XR Brands
    Packaging: Vacuum Sealed
    More Details
    • Color: Black
    • Material: Wood
    • Length: 15.25
    • Width / Diameter: 2

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    The Electro Deluxe Humbler

    Like the more basic humbler, this device is made to hold the balls out back between the legs. This leaves the wearer on their knees unable to straighten out or stand up and their balls forced out behind them exposed and vulnerable. It is hand finished and beautifully lacquered as well. However, the feature that sets it apart is the two banana clip plugs that allow the device to be hooked up to electrosex power boxes. This allows a safe current to be run through the wearer's testicles. This adds a whole new level to the fun and torment that can be had with the humbler. E-stim leads are banana style and work with Folsom products directly. our Pin to Banana Inline Adapters (shown below) will convert pin style leads to fit into the connectors, allowing you to use Zeus Electrosex Power Boxes with this product.

    Unlike the usual humbler, this one has a build in lock and key.

    • Electrical Leads
    • Locking Mechanism
    • Lacquered, Smooth Hand Finish
    • 15.25 inches long.
    • 2 inches wide.
    • Ball Enclosure is 2 inches wide, 1.125 inches tall and is 0.875 inches deep.