Anal Toys

It’s sexy to explore your backdoor hole, and we’ve got lots of toys to help you with that sensual adventure! The anus is filled with so many sensitive spots that can enhance sex and allow your to experience new types of orgasms. For those with male bodies, the P-spot (prostate) can be stimulated and even milked for orgasms so satisfying that you may just melt into a puddle after! For women, added pressure in the anus stimulates the A-spot. Plus, having a butt plug inside will increaes the sentitivity in the vagina due to the walls between the anus and the vagin being so thin and closer together. Enjoy exploring double penetration (DP) with a butt plug or anal toy inside. Enjoy rumbling backdoor vibrations from vibrating anal toys that you and your partner can feel!

Amongst the anal toys available are small, medium and large sizes, toys with tapered tips for easier insertion, bumpy or textured anal toys that can more specifically target the P-spot, and anal beads that pop in one at a time and help you explore the sensation on of penetrating your sphincter again and again. Play with anal toys to warm yourself up for anal play, or simply add them to sex with your partner or solo-masturbation play! Additionally, some people enjoy playing with the feeling of being filled up and may include enema play with their anal exploration. Not only do enemas get your behind to be nice and fresh, they can also be pleasant on their own. We’ve added a whole selection of enema toys so you can enjoy the water pressure as you get filled up while also enjoying anal toys that have vibrators, bumps and ridges or smooth, easily insertable rods that hooke up to your shower at home!

Anal toys always have a wide, flanged base so they are safe enough to insert without getting sucked inside. Make sure to notice the difference between anal insertables and dildos before playing. They also come in a variety of materials including silicone, rubber, glass and metal!