Vibrating Dildos

When you want to combine penetration with vibration, vibrating dildos are the way to go! In this category, you’ve got vibrating, thrusting, rotating and pulsating dildos to choose from, each with its own unique sensation. Dildos are one of the original sex toys to begin with; adding extra functions just spices things up! Enjoy dildos for solo masturbation that massage your P-spot or A-spot in the anus or the G-spot in the vagina. Enjoy how the buzzing vibration relaxes the muscles, increases circulation and helps you to open up and receive more pleasure! These can be perfect toys for learning how to add more girth, as well. The massaging, pulsating or vibrating dildos gently work into the tissue so it stretches and stimulates you enough for you to be able to self-lubricate. However, if you’re having any doubts about how slippery you are, simply add some toy-compatible lubricant and make it ever more enjoyable!

Vibrating dildos usually have multiple settings that give you options in both speed and intensity as well as pulse or vibration patterns. Combine the two for variations of 7 different combos to up to 21 or more! When choosing dildos, you have options for dildos you use on yourself, your partner or both at the same time and you can try dildos meant for vaginal or anal use! For those who enjoy pegging and strapon play, there are vibrating strapless strap-ons by Strap-U that are worn vaginally so the vibrations and massaging pulsations give both of you pleasure with each sensual thrust! A few vibrating dildos also squirt for a wet, ejaculate simulating experience! Try out a Squirting dildo for even more fun that makes it feel realistic and sexy!

Some dildos add length as well as girth by adding a thrusting function. While inside, the tip extends further to give you the sensation of repeated thrusting like you’d experience during intercourse. Add to this lots of vibration and you’ve got a delicious dong to enjoy whenever you like! For those who want something more unique than a dong that looks like a dick, there are plenty of vibrating dildos that have textures, ridges, and shapes that are designed with your pleasure in mind but don’t look like an anatomically correct penis. Take a look at all we have to offer and try out one -or more- today!

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