Huge Anal Toys

Diving deep into anal play requires the right tools. For those who enjoy anal play, they start small and gradually work their way up. The sensation from different shapes, lengths or girths on their P-spot (prostate) or A-spot can cause intense, full bodied orgasms and heightened sensation overall. Because of the colon’s elasticity, once they master the skill of relaxing their sphincter and taking in the anal toy, a great deal more can be experienced beyond the small, introductory toys!

That’s where huge anal toys come in to play. These anal-safe, flanged base toys are designed to push the limits! There are thick, girthy toys that stretch out the anus. These are enjoyable on their own, but also help train and prepare someone for fisting or double anal penetration! Many huge dildos help people slowly train by having a small tapered tip that slowly gets bigger and bigger, such as the cone shaped anal toys!

For those who enjoy mild bondage and don’t want to stretch the anus, but really want to feel the girth on the inside, ass anchors and dilators are perfect for achieving a full feeling with an anal toy that locks into place after being inserted, spreading wide inside! Inflatable anal toys allow for a gradual expansion from within by pumping up an anal toy after insertion. For a deep anal stretch that pairs exhibitionism with penetrative anal sex, the hollow anal tunnel is perfect to add girth while keeping an open ass.

For the deep anal excavators, there are many long toys that snake through the colon and beyond for a sensation unlike any other. Feel the soft material slide deeper inside with our collection of both smooth and bumpy anal snakes and anal hoses! Go a little further and get ready for fisting with an anal toy shaped exactly like a fist and forearm, or choose one that is designed for maximum pleasure with unique textures. Most of these huge anal toys are made with silicone, TPE rubber or glass.

Many people may not be able to get the biggest dildos in their backdoor, but even the act of trying turns them on. As they push further and further, exploring the edge of their pleasure and riding the full-body intensity that anal brings, they may achieve their goal or get deeper than they imagined was possible! For others, just owning one of these huge dildos is enough fun for them!