Waterproof Vibrators

There are few things better than a nice hot bath, the strong jets of a shower, a private pool or jacuzzi. On their own these are all relaxing, invigorating and luxurious! Why not add a sensual addition to that with waterproof, vibrating toys? The buzzing vibrations of your favorite vibrator add to the experience and now there are plenty of toys that can handle getting wet! These waterproof toys are sealed off from moisture and water getting inside their powerful motors. Since some of the best sex is a wet and messy activity, having waterproof toys gives you extra peace of mind that your favorite toys to play with will survive many sensual sessions!

To let go after a long day, a warm bath is a perfect idea. Adding a waterproof vibrator gives you a chance to relax your muscles in more than one way! The warm water is soothing and increases the circulation so you can more easily get the blood flow to those sensual, erogenous zones! Get activated with a shower! The powerful sprays of the jets or the falling downpour of water add a new dimension of pleasure as you stand and use your vibrating toy. Give yourself a chance to get more actively engaged with your toy and find positions that let you ride them or rub them until you are fully satisfied!

Waterproof technology gives you a chance to try new things and gives you a chance to feel immersed with temperature play from the hot water as well as full body sensation from either being submerged or having splashing water fall across your skin! While some waterproof toys are rated for powerful water jets, others can be fully submerged as well. Make sure to take a look at what kind of waterproofing your toy is rated for and then take self-care to a whole new level!