What does sexual pleasure mean to you? Have you ever talked about pleasure with others? Not as a humorous anecdote, but about how great pleasure is? Topics around sexuality can be quite taboo, and the products designed to provide for these needs, have always been branded as lewd and obscene. That is why TENGA is here! Revolutionizing sexual pleasure, bringing sexuality to the forefront, for all to enjoy. Try one of our revolutionary pleasure items fabricated with these grand ambitions in mind.

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Flip 0-Zero
Original Vacuum Cup
Tenga Egg - Stepper
Tenga Egg - Wavy
Double Hole Cup
Tenga Egg - Twister
Tenga Egg - Silky
Tenga Cool Original Vacuum Cup
Tenga Spinner- 03 Shell Stroker
Flip Hole White
Flip Hole Black
Tenga Spinner- 01 Tetra Stroker
Flip 0-Zero Black
Tenga Iroha Stick
Tenga 3D Spiral
Tenga Flex- Black
Tenga Iroha Sakura