Kink Industries

A little spicy, a little racy, a little on the wild side...these fine fetish toys are your portal into divine BDSM play
Intense Impact Cane- Black
Wartenburg Wheel With Sheath
Anal Rectum Proctoscope
KI Rubber Nipple Suckers
Pierceless Nipple Ring
Young Forceps
Collins Speculum
3-Prong Anal Speculum
Hegar 8 Urethral Sounds
Natural Rattan Cane
Anal Hole Spreader
Intense Impact Cane- Red
Penis Sheath
Sims Anal Speculum
Bang-A-Hole Fucking Kit
Steel Ball Crusher
Jennings Dental Mouth Gag
Rubber Gates of Hell
Enema Syringe