Animal Play

What better way to bring out your wild side than with animal play! Whether you want to indulge in fox play, bunny play, kitten play, puppy play or simply just get primal, our animal play category is a great place to start getting creative! Lots of couples feel like their daily roles hold them back from getting more intimate. Bringing animal play into the bedroom allows them to take on a new persona and tap into their wild and primal nature! Where words get in the way and can be awkward, a yelp, yip, meow or growl can invite their partner to ravish them in passionate and playful new ways!

Get into character with silicone gags that fit like a horse-bit or bone. Wear a mask or ears to help change the way your partner reads your expression! Mix costuming with pleasure and insert an anal plug that has a matching tail. Some of our tails also vibrate, pulse and wag! If one partner is the animal trainer or handler, they can add a collar and leash to lead their partner along and guide them through the scene!

Imagine being given full permission to let go of your daily life and responsibilities, put on a mask and tail, and get to play, be pet, and curl up with someone safe like the good puppy you are! Maybe you want to feel strong and elegant? Enjoy prancing on your hooves with poise and grace as a pony! Perhaps you’re feeling sassy and sensual as a kitten? Or tricky and seductive like a fox? Maybe you want to be pounced on as a bunny? Hop into a scene where you can let your cares drift away and simply enjoy speaking with your body alone and feeling the sensual, primal and wild side that yearns to come out and play