Vibrating Sex Toys and Dildos

Vibrators are one of the most popular sex toys on the planet, second only to a dildo. The buzzing, rumbling or thumping vibrations that come from modern motors have come a long way from their mid 1800’s counterparts. Vibrators started off as a device claimed to be used strictly by Victorian doctors to treat hysteria in women so they could ease their tension and help with headaches, fatigue and cramps. By the 1950’s it was sold commercially for beauty and health as a massager. Finally, in the 1960’s it shifted into a tool for pleasure and sexual satisfaction, but we think that the benefits of vibrators are far more than just a toy used for fun!

The types of vibrators you can get today range from vibrating dildos and strapons designed for penetration, clit stimulating vibes used externally, G-spot targeting shafts to help you achieve G-spot or squirting orgasms, fully insertable eggs and more! Manual stimulation can be highly satisfying, but when you add a vibrator to masturbation it opens a world of possibilities! It can be a short-cut to orgasm by speeding up the process and helping you get off when you want to. It may be the gateway to better, stronger, or even multiple orgasms! The powerful vibrations come in a variety of patterns and speeds so you can explore what your body likes. Some of the vibrators, like the Thunderstick wand, have a variable speed wheel so you can customize the speed and intensity as you use it.

Vibrators aren’t just for solo play. They’re great for couples, too! They allow you to excite your partner, warm up before penetration, and even play kinky games! Use a vibrating egg with a remote control to turn the vibe and your partner on from several feet away! Bring the vibrator into the bedroom and use it on the clitoris or the shaft during or before intercourse. Add a vibrating strapon to enhance sensation during pegging, or add a vibrating dildo to double penetration! Nomatter how you use the vibrator, it can only add to spice to your sex life and enhance sensation for both of you