Personal Lubricants

The best sex is only ever made better when it’s made wetter! The go-to tool for making things slippery are lubes! Lubricants are one of the most underrated sex and intimate play accessories. People often call it oil, liquid, gel or jelly, but the most common name is lube. It’s true that we can produce our own lubricants with spit, seminal fluid or vaginal fluid. However, the amount of lubricant we can provide is limited and isn’t going to be as slippery, long-lasting, or sensational as the products available today. There are so many options to choose from and they often have different purposes! There are lubes that desensitive the anus for more enjoyable anal, or desensitive the throat for deep throating. There are tingling lubes that excite the clitoris or glans and increase circulation for enhanced pleasure. There are also specific, flavored lubes that make giving head tasty!

Lubricants are generally split into three categories; water-based, silicone-based, and oil-based. With water-based lubricants, you can generally be certain that it is compatible with all toy types. It is nice and slick to begin with, but can dehydrate with lots of friction or dry out. This makes it really easy to clean off, but not as long lasting as silicone or oil based lubes. However, if you just add water or spit, the water-based lubes will come back to life!

The silicone lubes are the most slippery and don’t dry out easily. This makes them perfect for masturbation or intercourse with latex condoms! However, they aren’t compatible with silicone toys and can degrade the toys over time if used with them.

Oil-based lubricants are thick, slick and last longer than water-based lubes. They are not compatible with latex condoms or any petroleum based materials (such as rubber) but can be very fun to play with! Additionally, there are lube hybrids that mix different types together so they are more compatible with toys.

When choosing lubes, there’s more than just the type of lube to consider; there are also the ingredients! Some of the best, body-safe lubes are paraben-free, petrochemical free, and glycerin-free for sensitive bodies and internal eco-systems. There are a few people whose pH levels require a glycerin-free lube so they don’t end up with any infections or irritation.