Setup a Wholesale Account


Wholesalers need to provide Tax Exempt forms so you won’t be charged sales tax. Please email it to us at [email protected]

Pictures and Descriptions

Sex Toy Distributing customers may use the images and descriptions located on our siteto help sell our products. It is illegal to use other sites retail images and descriptions so please use only the information on our site, designated to our wholesale customers.

How to Order:

  1. Register on site.
  2. Fax or email proof of business.
  3. Enter your order.

Common Questions

Do you have a catalog?

Our catalog is our website. All items and pricing can be obtained once you register and are approved.

What should I retail these items at?

Retail is at least 100% or more.

Do you offer credit?

Yes, once a customer has been doing business with us for 6 months or more and has completed a credit application that has been approved.