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Account Creation:

We have the fastest account setup and approval! There is no wait! Once you register for an account, it is automatically approved and you can instantly begin browsing our site and start submitting orders. We do not require a minimum purchase, you choose the quantity!

Get Started!:

IMPORTANT: To ensure a new account is not generated on our back-end system, we request that customers do not make any changes to the billing information at checkout. Doing so will generate a new account number and will create an account hold. All new account orders are placed on a system hold which prevents the order from being processed and shipped, and previous account changes will not be reflected.

Tax Exempt:

If you would like to avoid tax charges on our site, we will require Tax Exempt forms from you.

Once you have an account created with us and have submitted your first order, please email us at [email protected]. We will at that time provide you with the Tax Exempt forms we will need you to fill out to get your account marked Tax Exempt.

Pictures and Descriptions

Sex Toy Distributing customers may use the images and descriptions located on our site to help sell our products. It is illegal to use other sites retail images and descriptions so please use only the information on our site, designated to our wholesale customers.